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Other Value Added Services

  1. 1. Low cost medical treatments in India turning it into the world’s top medical tourism hub Among many factors resulting in the growth of kidney specialist centers in New Delhi, one has been their locational advantage, and the other the fluency in English for the support staff members. The low cost involved is also a driving force behind the growth of the industry. Medical tourism has been a latest way to earn foreign exchange in India. There have been several factors that have aggravated this business all the more in the recent times. One of the primary reasons is that there are a lot many numbers of good medical practitioners available in the country. Owing to its huge population with an above average intellectual capability in most cases, this has been a real advantage that India has had over its competitors in China and other parts of Asia. Another big reason has been the fluency in English for the work force here. It is thus much easier for the foreign patients flowing in to communicate effectively with the doctors, nurses and staff members of the specialty clinics in India. This is also an underlined advantage that India has over its Asian competitors. Lastly, one can identify another important reason for the huge inflow of foreign patients into the cities of India. It is the locational advantage that these clinics enjoy. Most of the specialty clinics are situated in the major cities of India, viz., New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Thus, it is easy to not only reach the clinics, it is also easy to find a place to stay for a long duration during the medical treatment. Owing to such advantages, the clinics for kidney specialist in Delhi have grown largely over the last decade. The low cost of medical treatment as well for putting up in India has been another reason why the foreigners have been eyeing them for years. At any cost, the cost of medical treatment in India is much lower than similar treatments in the USA and the UK. New Delhi always enjoys the advantage of being the most privileged city in India, being the capital. One can look at the public transport, and it is really easy to reach any part of the city at ease. With the metro railway system, it is even more fast and easy for foreigners to move around. The food is cosmopolitan and the family members of the patients can find the right food that they want anywhere in the city. But above all, it is the medical facilities of the city that makes the clinics for kidney specialist in Dilshad Garden and other parts of the city extremely acceptable for the foreigners. The high quality medical vans and the state of the art equipment facilities inside the clinics at a very low cost is what has been the main driving force behind the growth of medical tourism in New Delhi. A hospitable staff force in these clinics who can fluently understand and speak in English, as well as their caring nature has helped these clinics all the more towards serving the foreign patients all the more.
  2. Author’s Bio: Aryan Doc is a well experienced content developer and currently provides informative articles related to doctors in Delhi, dermatologist in delhi, dentist in Delhi, kidney specialist in Dilshad Garden for helping others in finding the best service providers. Value added services for physiotherapy clinics giving them the edge in New Delhi Joint pains and weak bones are normal as one grows older. It is important to have clinics for physiotherapy in nearby localities who can visit your home when needed. With growing age, the bones become the ‘bone of contention’ for most of the elderlies. The joints become weak and a decreased capacity of the body to absorb calcium necessary for the bones make them extremely fragile. An excessive wear and tear on the bones all through one’s life also adds on to the problem. Thus, most of the elderlies need to attend physiotherapy treatment at some time or the other. It is necessary to go to the right clinic for treatment, since with the elderlies, one cannot experiment too much and any mistake in treatment can be fatal. Hence, before choosing the right clinic, many things need to be explored. One of them is the quality of doctors that the clinics house. Then, the patient friendly facilities available in the clinics also need to be checked. The waiting time for the elderlies is of much importance too for their convenience. In case of physiotherapy clinics, a few added factors are also sometimes desired. For the old people with bone problems, it might just be impossible for them to come to the clinics. Thus, home services may be a desired factor for them. Until recently, only a few clinics would go to that extent of sending their experts home, but today, most of the clinics with physiotherapist in Rajouri Garden have switched to providing such value added services. Under immense competition from other clinics, the value added facilities or the special services extended to the common man by the clinics actually go a long way in making people choose them. It forms a part of their marketing strategy and is in fact a much better tool than direct advertising tools. These services are cheaper than direct marketing strategies and are more meaningful and effective too in building the much needed goodwill for a clinic. Owing to the perfect placing of the city, more and more people are coming in from nearby cities like Jaipur, Chandigarh and Lucknow for medical treatments in to New Delhi. It is not only having great connectivity to the rest of the world, it is also having a lot of places for accommodation in the city. Thus,
  3. for family members coming in with the patients, staying in the city is no more a major problem. That is the reason why the clinics with physiotherapist in Karol Bagh, Delhi and other nearby areas are constantly on the rise. This is still facilitated by the availability of doctors on the move- who can visit even your home for treatment and to show the right exercises for you. The major operations like knee replacement and also for other joints are also being held at these clinics with least cost so that the elderly people can be given back the joy of life.